AIM 2024

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AIM 2024

Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference


Phone: 510.444.2988

Dive into the transformative world of apartment innovation at AIM 2024. This premier event focuses on enhancing the multifaceted experience of stakeholders within the apartment rental arena. Whether it's the integration of cutting-edge technology or adapting operational philosophies, AIM is dedicated to ensuring apartment living remains an unparalleled choice for renters. From embracing green lifestyles and mobile-centric living to curating pet-friendly communities, attendees gain insights into trends shaping the industry. Since its inception in 2005, AIM has seen marketers harness the power of internet technologies, offering unparalleled insights that resonate across operations. And today, AIM remains committed to championing operational leaders, equipping them with modern tools to excel. But, AIM isn't just a conference—it's a thriving community. Exclusively catering to multifamily community executives and sponsors, this event offers a collaborative atmosphere, fostering strong industry relationships. It's more than just an event; it's a movement shaping the future of multifamily living. Join us this May and be part of the revolution.