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Maximize Your Real Estate Deals with Effortless Tracking

Stay on Top of Your Leads with Our Lead Status Tracking Feature

Our lead status tracking feature allows you to easily monitor the progress of each lead, from offer to closing. Stay organized and never miss a beat.

Maximize Your ROI with Our Lead Source Tracking Feature

Our lead source tracking feature helps you identify which sources are bringing in the most leads. Invest your time and resources in the most efficient sources and watch your ROI grow.

Keep Your Pipeline Hot with Our Lead Temperature Tracking Feature

Our lead temperature tracking feature allows you to determine the level of interest and potential of each lead.


Get a Comprehensive Overview of Your Leads

Identify Property Type of Your Leads

Quickly determine the type of property for each lead, from single-family homes to multi-unit buildings.

Assess property condition with ease

Assess the condition of each lead and make informed decisions on repairs or updates needed.

Complete Property Information at Your Fingertips.

Get all the important details such as beds, baths, and size in one place, giving you a clear picture of each property.


Make Informed Investment Decisions with our Cash Flow Calculator

Quickly Calculate Real Estate ROI Returns

Our fast and responsive cash flow calculator quickly calculates potential returns on real estate leads.

Quickly Identify Profit Potential

Get important information at a glance such as cash flow, investment, and ROI. Make informed decisions with ease.

Investment Analysis Made Easy

Easily analyze investment returns with our user-friendly calculator. Maximize your investment potential today.