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Learn About Real Estate Investing

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Learn About Real Estate Investing

Find Just About Anything

Dive into a comprehensive collection of resources, including blogs, books, events, glossary, organizations, podcasts, trainings, and YouTube channels!

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We are always adding more content items to increase your awareness of various learning materials so you can find the best ones for yourself.

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Create Your Plan

Create Your Plan

You and Your Company

Discover your full potential and begin the first steps to building your real estate investment business

Financial Goals

Monitor your finances and create manageable goals to increase your cash flow to gain financial independence

Strategize and Focus

Create a unique strategy to achieve your goals and choose specific criteria to stay within your buy box

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Choose Your Markets

Buildings, books, tablets and people

Choose Your Markets

Add Your Market

Select your desired market by city and state to gain location specific insights to your preferred areas.

Job Landscape

Analyze the employment rates and major industries in the area. Job growth correlates with housing demand.

Income Levels

Review the average income in the region to estimate rental pricing and identify your target tenant demographic.

Build Your Team

Build Your Team

Be a Team Leader

Stay focused and help your team to do their job by spending your time working on your business, not in it.

Primary and Secondary Levels

Know which team members are critical for your real estate investment business

Multiple Market's

Build teams in multiple markets to increase your opportunities and optimize growth without doubling your efforts

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Analyze Your Leads

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Analyze Your Leads

View comparables

Create rental and sales comparables to better understand how similar properties are performing in the area

Calculate Returns

Our software completes math calculations and provides potential returns to help you make better decisions

Make an Offer

Leads won't matter until you make offers and we made it easy for you to track this process

Get Transaction Guidance

Get Transaction Guidance

Repairs & Maintenance

Begin the discovery process on what routine maintenance tasks and minor repairs will be required after a purchase

Due Diligence

Organize and track essential due diligence items such as inspections, rental history, and financial documents

Closing Checklists

Walk through the closing process with checklists to help you stay on top of requirements

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Track Your Rental Properties

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Track Your Rental Properties

Purchase and Loan

Utilize your purchase and loan information to keep track of your financial progress

Finance Tracking

Budgeting as well as tracking real income and expenses to determine results

Property Operations

Add and monitor maintenance, repairs, and capex items, ensuring your rental property remains in prime condition.