Tools to Systemize Your Investing

REI software packed full of simple yet powerful features to give you complete control

Learn & Thrive

Podcast Portal

Tune into high-quality podcasts that bring you a mix of expert analyses, success stories, and strategies, arming you with knowledge for a prosperous investment career.

Reading for Mastery

Explore a diverse range of expert-recommended books tailored for every stage of your real estate journey, ensuring informed decision-making.

Diverse Learning Resources

Dive into a comprehensive collection of resources, including books, podcasts, blogs, and events, curated to bolster your real estate prowess.


Create Your Plan

Discover Your Vision

Take a peek into the future to understand your true potential and make your dreams become reality.

Financial Scorecard

Monitor your finances by keeping track of your net worth and more to measure your progression to financial freedom.

Build Your Strategy

Outline a strategy based on your vision that fits your goals and personality to create clarity and stay focused.

Markets Image

Select Your Market

Add Your Market

Select your desired market by city and state to gain real-time insights crucial for smart real estate investment.

Job Landscape

Analyze the employment rates and major industries in the area. Job growth correlates with housing demand.

Income Levels

Review the average income in the region to estimate rental pricing and identify your target tenant demographic.


Build Your Team

Be a Team Leader

Stay focused and help your team to do their job by spending your time working on your business, not in it.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Hard Money Lenders, Plumbers, and Ghostbusters...Oh my! Having your team an easy dial away will save the day.

Multiple Market's

Investing in multiple markets and need a team in place for all of them? No problem, we've got you covered.


Analyze Your Leads

Easily enter the numbers

All you have to do is collect the information and enter it into our webiste. It is as easy as pie.

Software does the math

Our software completes math calculations as soon as you enter the numbers and makes the process seamless.

First impressions matter

We realize some numbers such as cash flow, ROI and more are critical for decisions, so we highlighted those for you.


Buy & Manage

Property Insights

Use sale and rental comparables to grasp the local market and set competitive prices for sale or rent.

Track Your Projects

Log maintenance, capex, and repairs to stay ahead of property needs and ensure timely resolutions.

Due Diligence Central

Organize essential data such as insurance quotes, rent rolls, and HOA docs, and schedule your property inspections seamlessly.

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Financing Overview

Input loan details to access an in-depth amortization table, showing monthly breakdowns for better financial planning.

Transactions Hub

Upload and view your financial transactions in a structured data table for effortless tracking and analysis.

Property Upkeep

Add and monitor maintenance, repairs, and capex items, ensuring your rental property remains in prime condition.