Create a Plan

REI software packed full of simple yet powerful features to give you complete control

You: The Most Important Part of Your Plan

Create a Strong Foundation

Before Making Real Estate Investment Decisions, Reflect on Your Starting Point and Chart a Path to Success.

Unlock Your Future Success

Take Control of Your Real Estate Investing Goals by Visualizing Your Future Self Today.


Company: Running Your Real Estate Investment Business

Crafting Your Real Estate Investing Mission

Craft a mission statement that defines your main goal and outlines a specific vision for your real estate investing business, clarifying the path to financial freedom.

Core Values to Memorable Brand Statements

Craft brand statements that translate your core values into promises to your customers.

Setting Expectations for Company and Team Performance

Establish measurable expectations for company and team performance based on brand promises. Define ideal customers based on real estate investing strategy to maximize profits.


Goals: Setting Up Your Real Estate Investing Goals

Achieve Your Financial Goals with Strategic Planning

Are you ready to turn your big dreams into a reality? Our strategic planning process will help you set ambitious goals and break them down into manageable tasks.

Quarterly Breakdown for Goal Success

Don't let overwhelming goals keep you from success. Our process breaks them down into actionable steps, starting with an annual evaluation and quarterly planning.


Finance: Managing Your Real Estate Investment Finances

Maximize Your Income Potential with Our Cash Flow Monitoring System

Learn how to track your income and expenses to leverage your hard-earned money towards profitable real estate investments.

Assess Your Net Worth for Financial Clarity

List all your assets and liabilities, and watch as you close the gap to financial independence. Keep track of your progress and take control of your financial future.

Achieve Financial Freedom with a High Credit Score

A high credit score can mean the difference between approval and denial for loans. Check your score regularly and aim to improve it to secure a better financial future.


Strategy: Choosing the Right Real Estate Investing Strategy

Customized Strategies for Your Real Estate Success

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Discover the buy and hold niches that fit your unique strengths and preferences to maximize your success.

Creative Strategies to Fund Your Real Estate Investments

Don't let the lack of capital hold you back from investing in real estate. Explore various strategies, such as wholesaling, and leverage financing options to start building wealth today

Protect Your Assets and Generate Leads

Shield your properties from potential legal threats and secure your investment by choosing the right legal strategy. Discover lead generation methods that work for you.


Property: Finding and Purchasing the Right Investment Properties

Design Your Perfect Portfolio with Our Property Selection Features

Choosing the right properties is crucial to building a profitable real estate portfolio. Our selection features help you define your ideal properties, from price range to condition, and set your own rules. Discover your perfect investment properties today.

Diversify Your Portfolio: Exploring Different Types and Neighborhoods of Real Estate

We'll help you explore the different classes and areas to find the perfect fit for your portfolio. From residential to commercial properties, and from upscale neighborhoods to up-and-coming areas, we've got you covered.