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The New Psychology of Success

Language: English

Dive into the transformative power of mindset with Carol S. Dweck's groundbreaking exploration. Rooted in decades of meticulous research at Stanford University, Dweck unveils the profound impact of our beliefs on our life trajectories. The book distinguishes between two mindsets: the fixed mindset, where individuals see abilities as static, and the growth mindset, where abilities are seen as malleable through effort and persistence. This isn't just about personal achievement. Dweck delves into how these mindsets shape our relationships and how they're fostered in various environments, from classrooms to boardrooms. The updated edition dives deeper, introducing the notion of a false growth mindset and expanding on how cultures in groups and organizations can be influenced by these beliefs. If you've ever pondered the real roots of success and potential, "Mindset" offers a revolutionary perspective, showing that with the right beliefs, the sky's the limit.